CanaryPrimary - Apple Pie 53 sec


Phatazzeater1: Mom can I buy a Netflix subscription so I can watch MLP? Mom: we got MLP at home,

MLP at home:

Jetstream Sam23: I Actually Would like to see this ship in the canon of MLP

Mamacakee: I need more big Mac! He was always my favorite

Krias4: Nice

Grimlock60: Awww it's too big for her

Skyslut1: Marble Pie is cool

Thelillianefluff: y u p

Canarylabs: Y U P

Aids223: Y U P

I Like Scp1: Y U P

Twilightwuz: Y U P

Crazysissy64: Y U P

Ace8509: Y U P

Thatonefatass1: Y U P

Sir Gideon Ofnirthe All-Knowing: EEYUP

Tilin2352: Y U P

Orange Yellow1: Y U P

Glitchvault: Y U P

Crazysissy64: Por qué me exita tanto?

El Pajas2626: Ibrido

Humano404: Que merda é essa

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